When Life Throws You Lemons, Don’t Forget Your Purpose

I stumbled across this video a few days ago and knew I had to share it. To paraphrase, a high school senior graduated as the valedictorian of his class with a 4.65 GPA. During his speech he announced that he grew up homeless after the death of his mother.


His reason for success in school? “I have everything to lose.” He went on to say that there will always be obstacles that get in the way, but we need to keep pushing forward and not allow excuses. He asked the audience “What are you living for?” He stressed the importance finding and living for our purpose.

“I have everything to lose”

I encourage you to watch more here:

I was especially moved by this story because I believe we are all capable of success. I believe in resiliency, and I believe in humans helping each other, but more than anything I believe in the ability to help ourselves. Deep down we all have the strength to overcome all of the hard-ache live gives us. Community members, family, teachers and resources help tremendously, but I think we all have it in us to succeed. I loved that he said we should use our past to motivate ourselves for the future. I want to take it one step further: I think we can use our wounds to help heal others.

I was also touched by the generous donations to his GoFundMe account, which is to help him pay for college. The community has already donated over $100,000!

When you come across a challenge, or when life gets really tough, remember this speech. Dig deep and find your purpose, and then use it to better the world.


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