Don’t Worry…Be Happy

I worry — I worry a lot. Luck for me I am starting to realize that worrying is a waist of my time. EVERYTHING I remember worrying about has worked out in the end. The funny thing about worrying is that everything I imagined happening has never happened! I think it’s taken me one too many worrying moments for me to realize that worrying is pointless.


1. What I worry about never ends up happening. And most importantly – 2. worrying changes absolutely nothing!!! It just changes my present mood.

For example, when I interviewed for my current job, I came home in tears. I told myself that they were going to hire the person that interviewed before me because they were friendly with her. My heart was pounding and my head was going a million miles an hour. One thing I hate about worrying is the millions of irrational thoughts that race through our head. Wouldn’t it be awesome if every thought we had was the truth? Too bad it doesn’t work that way. Anyway, I was so upset and I swore I didn’t get the job. My mood was down for a couple of days..that is until I was offered the job. I ruined two days for nothing.

Every time we use the present to stress about the future, we’re choosing to sacrifice joy today to mourn joy we might not have tomorrow.

So what am I doing now when I start worrying? It’s hard to train my brain to stay present, but here are some things I am working on:

1. First, I take deep heavy breathes. When I start to feel my chest get tight, I know I am worrying too much and I need to let go.

2. I start to think of all of the things I am grateful for. What better way to stay in the present than listing off wonderful things that are happening now.

3. I remind myself that everything will work out and I trust myself that I will be able to work though anything.


What do you do when you start worrying too much? How do you stay present?





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