your light will shine out from the darkness

Now that I am working my dream non-profit job I am saving the world! Right? Well, not quite.

All my life I’ve wanted to take away other people’s pain. Like a sponge, I wanted to absorb other’s feelings of sadness and take away their burdens. But now I see that taking away the hurt doesn’t help. It doesn’t really do anything.

I don’t think everything happens for a reason; especially not the bad. I don’t think there is a divine reason a child dies, or a reason why a woman is beat so badly her bones break. But I do believe there is “evil” in this world because we are learning, growing human beings and it is in the dark that we see the light. It is there that we dig deep into our souls to find a way out.

If I waved a magic wand to take away all of the sadness in the world, how would we grow? How would we learn? Where would our strength come from? It would be so easy for me to magically heal my clients, or release my friends and family from their burdens, but what would the person struggling gain?

My idea of saving the world has changed this past year. There is no way I can take away other’s pain, but I can be there for support and comfort when I see people struggling and I can guide them to the light at the  end of the tunnel.




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