Making Friends with February

Hey, again, February. Thanks for greeting me with a -2 degree morning. I know in the past we’ve had our problems, and I am sorry for saying I hate you. Well, saying I hate you numerous times. Let’s work things out. I know you don’t like the sun, or warm weather, and you try to taunt me with Spring right around the corner.

Now don’t get me wrong, I appreciate your stillness. I love the peace of a fresh snow. I love the serenity of a half frozen Mississippi River. And I adore watching the bald eagles as they sore in the chilled air.

Oh yeah, Valentine’s Day is nice too. Thanks for Valentine’s day.

I understand you can’t really control the weather, so this year, I’ll act like the sun. I will be the light that warms others. I will be the bird’s song that brings a smile to everyone I see. I will be a flower’s bloom that offers beauty in someone’s day. Yes, I will be the color green that signifies life to all those around me.

You do your thing, and I’ll do mine. This year, I promise there will be no more I hate yous. This year, only I love yous.



One thought on “Making Friends with February

  1. Sarah, this is so sweet! This year, it was January that I loathed … and I’m never one to hate, well, anything really. So thank you for this post and reminding me that, yes, decent people do still exist in this world – people with good intentions. I’m about to write about my horrible January, so check in in a little bit to see why January was so dang hate-worthy. I WILL try to be the sunshine, though. 🙂 Anitra

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