Give What is in Your Heart (literally!)

Today I donated blood for the first time. I wanted to donate for 9/11 day (If you don’t know what it is, check it out here. Basically, it is about good deeds uniting us on 9/11), but I couldn’t donate because I was sick. Now that I am feeling better, I was able to!

I was so scared, not because of needles, but because of blood! The last time I saw a lot of blood, I passed out.

The nurses were so nice, especially after I told them it was my first time donating.  I spend the whole time watching Wheel of Fortune, and donating didn’t even hurt! I would say the most painful part was when my finger was pricked to test for iron.

After donating blood

I suggest everyone at least try donating once (even if you are a big baby like me!) It was painless and I was told it can help save up to three lives!


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