Bringing Joy (with cake!) to the Work Place

Let’s be honest, working an 8-5 job sometimes isn’t what it is cracked out to be. There are days where I feel so stressed, and sometimes so bored that I want to cry. But today, my sister and her soon-to-be husband reminded me of many ways we can bring joy to others while at work. I want to share their story!

The two lovebirds are getting married on FRIDAY! One week from today, so Rebecca sent Phillip the most adorable cake that said Happy Wedding Week! And when I say adorable, I mean it. (Take a look at the pic)

Wedding Week Cake

An hour later, Phillip hand delivered Rebecca roses, balloons, chocolate, a slice of cake and protein bars. Can you see the joy radiating in her smile?!


Obviously, this is a onetime thing for their wedding week, but it got me thinking of how else we can make 8-5 for others more enjoyable. I once worked with someone whose husband would put notes in her lunch, like “have a good day!” or “good luck with the presentation, you will rock!” I’ve sent flowers and even a bamboo to my loved ones, and used to always go on starbucks runs! (what better way to vent about a work problem then with a cup of chai tea?!)

Today one of my coworkers said “cute dress!” to me as I walked by. Did that make me feel great, you betcha! Let’s all work together to make the work environment more friendly. I hope everyone has a great weekend, but if you have to work this weekend, bring some joy to others!


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