Gandhi Child

Today on the phone my mom told me I was her “Gandhi Child”. What a compliment! I want to share with everyone my favorite Gandhi quote.

It is better to allow our lives to speak for us than our words. God did not bear the cross only two thousand years ago. He bears it today, and he dies and is resurrected from day to day. It would be a poor comfort to the world if it had to depend on a historical God who died two thousand years ago. Do not, then, preach the God of history, but show him as he lives today through you.

I love reading about Gandhi, Mother Teresa and Nelson Mandela. Their service to others is so inspiring! What are some of your favorite inspiring quotes?


3 thoughts on “Gandhi Child

  1. So many to choose from. I like:

    “There is no god higher than truth.”
    “I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.”

    But my favorite is:
    “Many persons might have attained wisdom had they not assumed they already possessed it.”

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