The Earth Matters Too!

Instead of taking a smoke break for work, I do a quick walk around the block. It love it because it frees me from the occasional blank stare in front of a computer screen. As I was walking, I noticed someone open her car and throw out her soda can. She was leaving the Wendy’s drive through. WTF! I so was angry when I saw her do this. Why not wait until you get home and throw it away? Or even better, recycle it!

I walked by her car and picked up the can. Unfortunately for her she was stuck at a red light and was forced to see me pick it up. Muhaha. I hope maybe next time she will think before she just throws trash out of her car.

For those who don’t know I am married to a scientist and he loves the environment more than anyone I know. We have two trash cans- one for trash, one for recycling- and the one for trash is never full. We got married outside because we both love being outdoors. Kirk has inspired me to take better care of the earth, because we only have one. And how cool is it that we share it with everyone. It is like sharing a room with your sister, but your sister is everyone….kinda.

Look at that beautiful view!

Every earth day Kirk and I volunteer by doing something outdoors. This year we helped pick invasive species and the year before that we cleaned up a park’s trails. Kirk volunteers all the time for environmental things. I prefer helping people, and he prefers saving the earth (and animals)! I think together we make a pretty good team. 🙂

Today I challenge you to pick up someone’s trash. How about we take care of our home so everyone, even the animals can live comfortably.


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