Spreading Love and Joy with Yoga

I just finished an awesome creative movement workshop with the yoga studio I go to in downtown Moline. I met seven gorgeous ladies and had experiences that I will never forget! I got to do yoga on a rooftop, create my own house of joy and I was able to spread some love to complete strangers.

Rooftop Yoga

I loved doing on yoga on the rooftop because it was such a neat perspective. The first day was all about how we perceive others and ourselves. Day two was also awesome because we got to create our own house of joy and we focused on our imagination. My house had glass walls so the sun illuminated every room and my bulldog (which I don’t have yet :)) was also with me. My favorite part about my house was the add on homeless shelter open to all who need it. We created our houses with the earth as our canvas and our bodies as the paint brush. It was a cool way to use yoga!

Here I am creating my house of joy

The last day was my favorite. We focused on spreading joy to others. We also shared our “why” statements. I choose to wrote why I smile. Here is it!

Why I Smile

Because the cardinal outside my window is my daily alarm clock. And when I wake up I see the most loving man sleeping next to me. I smile because my cat jumps in bed wanting to cuddle, but really she wants me to feed her. I smile because my joyful bird Keet sings with me when I am in the shower. And because I have such a loving family just a phone call away.

I smile because that is where peace comes from.  My smile is an expression of the joy in my heart. I smile because it is an act of love. I smile because I think it can make a difference. And because I think it is my gift to this world.


Now, time to share the most beautiful story! My new friends from this workshop touched my heart with this one. Our assignment for the last day was to write fortunes and give them to strangers. We also had to create a new yoga pose and share it with a complete stranger. I gave my fortunes to three people in goodwill. I didn’t wait to see their reaction, but I gave a teen boy one that said: “Just be who you are. Love and be loved.” I remember how hard it was as a teenager, so I hope that helps. Teaching someone a yoga pose was fun too. I got a few laughs from the guy I showed my yoga pose to.

When Roberta showed her pose to someone, it moved us all! Her new pose was about collecting all kinds of love and happiness and then bringing it to your heart. She picked a lady in goodwill and the two hit if off right away! She had no problem participating. Afterwards, she started crying and turned to Roberta and said “Thank you. I am having a really hard time right now and that really touched me. It was what I needed.” Of course we all started crying. Then Roberta gave her a hug and told her namaste. She explained that namaste means “I respect you.” It was so moving to see how someone could bring the light out in another person. I know that moment made my day; I can only imagine what it meant for Roberta and the other lady.

Roberta sending love with her yoga pose.

I encourage you all to let your light illuminate someone else too.


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