Santa’s Helpers Pay off Layaway Accounts

Today I cried a work. I’ve only been there for about three months and I cried right in front of my boss.

One of my co-workers, Jason, didn’t want to go to lunch with us today because he had plans to go to Kmart. I asked him if he was doing Christmas shopping, and he said, “Well, sort of.”

Last night Jason called Kmart and asked the manager how many layaway accounts the store had and let the manager know he wanted to pay for someone’s account. Specifically one that had children’s toys and clothes. The manager let him know that something could be arranged and to stop by anytime. Jason told me he heard on the news about anonymous donors paying off Kmart and Walmart layaway accounts. He said, “I am so sick of hearing about everyone being the 99% and no one helping out. We are all human, aren’t we?” So he left the office around lunchtime to pay for someone’s account and came back another person.

“I’ve never felt more alive”

He walked through the door with a big Christmas hat on- and an even bigger smile. I asked him how it went and he said “I’ve never felt more alive.” (My eye were already getting watery.) When Jason went to the layaway counter a man was there trying to pay off his own account, but he told the worker he couldn’t pay it off. As Jason says, it was straight out of a movie. He stepped in and said, “Don’t put it all away. I want to pay for it. That is why I am here.” Immediately the guy started to cry and he gave Jason a hug. He said that his son could have a good Christmas now. Then Jason and the worker started crying. As he was telling the story he started crying again and I was so moved by the power of love that I couldn’t help but cry. Jason said it was the best $100 he has ever spent and the greatest thing he’s ever done. That is what gets me the most. Giving back to others is what made him feel so alive. Before leaving, Jason asked to pay for someone else and he left only 1 cent on the account. I am sure she/he will have the same reaction when Kmart calls to let him/her know.

If you want to read more about the Kmart Santas check out the story here.


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