Donations pour in to pay for Chinese artist’s taxes

Happy Daylight Savings day! I hope everyone enjoyed their extra hour of life. I had a great day! For me it was the perfect lazy Sunday. I was reading the paper online, and I stumbled across this article. Chinese Citizens Pay Ai Weiwei’s Taxes. If you don’t know who Ai Weiwei is, he is an artist who is know for his artwork that questions the Chinese government’s policies and values. Because of this he was arrested for “tax evasion.” It’s been said that the Chinese government “uses tax issues to cover up political issues.” After 81 days in confinement, Ai was released, but on November 1st he was told he now owes 2.4 million dollars in taxes, instead of the $770, 000 he was orginally said to owe the government. He also has only two weeks to pay it off.

When this was announced, Hu Jia, a Chinese activist said he would donate $158 to Ai. Shortly after, more than 1,600 supporters had pledged or donated $63,500. Since Tuesday, more than 20,000 people have together contributed at least $550,000. It is unsure how much money Ali will still need to pay, but I think this article expresses the power of love. Obviously, the Chinese government is just upset because Ali is expressing his distaste for the government. Personally, I think it is awesome that Ali is standing up to the communist country he lives in. And he is surrounded by so much support. I am glad these people are not letting fear get in their way. Call me a hippie, but if we all love one another and stand up for love, things will start to change. It is great to see how so many citizens do something little to make a difference. I’m sure this sent a message to the Chinese government.

Ai Weiwei


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