Meat in Moderation: This fall change your eating habits

Hello! Last week I was so busy that I couldn’t post anything. But my week was full of love! My beautiful mom can to visit me for the night. She is a flight attendant and had a flight to Chicago. I was thrilled to see her! We carved pumpkins and went to dinner on the Mississippi River. Then, Kirk’s (my fiance) friend from China came to visit. It was great to finally meet him. Over the weekend I visited friends in Springfield who were in the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Kirk and I dressed up as Star Trek characters. (Get it, Captain Kirk…hehe)

We had a blast!

Halloween is one of the reason why Fall is my favorite season.It is so much fun! I love fall for the changing of the seasons, the colors of the leaves (probably my favorite), a warm cup of tea, pumpkin spice everything, and….McRibs. That’s right, McRibs. But, last year I made the decision to eat meat  in moderation. It is so much better for you and the environment (I’ll explain more later). Eating meat in moderation, means not as many McRibs. Oh no! I’ve actually promised myself not to eat a McRib at all this year. (I’m also trying to avoid fast food. ) Luckily for me, MorningStar came out with their own veggie riblets and they are delicious! To make the sandwich I bought some sesame buns, onions and pickles. Viola! They taste better than the original.

Now, let me explain how eating meat in moderation makes a huge difference in the world. It is also so easy to do, and a fun way to learn new ways to cook! Currently, I eat meat every other day, but you can start off with meatless Mondays.

1. It reduces green house gasses. Green house gasses are found in animal fecal matter and are what contribute to climate change.

2. We consume less chemicals, specifically growth hormones and antibiotics.

3. Less polluted water. The animal’s fecal matter is put in sewage, which could pollute the water.

4. It lowers the risk of colon cancer.

5.  It also conserves energy. Think of all the energy that is being used not only for the growth and transport of animal feed, but also for the heating, air conditioning, and lighting of the immense animal farms.

I don’t think everyone should become a vegetarian, but if we all cut out the amount of meat we eat it will make a huge difference! I think there is a reason why hunting was a lot harder than gathering. Sadly, this doesn’t seem like the case anymore.


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