A Weekend with Kindness

Over the weekend I was touched by the actions of complete strangers and I want to share them here:

I went to print off my friend’s baby registry at target and in front of me was an older women who was struggling with the computer. I was about to jump in and ask if she needed any help, but a person to the left of her asked before I could. It was so moving! She printed off the registry for the women and then pointed her in the right direction. It was awesome to see how happy it made both of them.

The second action I want to share is something that I saw today. A women outside of my apartment complex was having a yard sale, but she wasn’t able to sell her couch today. As I was driving, I noticed someone sprint across the street. It was my neighbor, who rushed to open the door for the women and her husband, who were carrying the couch they didn’t sell. I promise you, my neighbor sprinted to open the door. It was so cool to see.

Both of these acts of kindness are something you and I can do everyday. It just proves the we are capable of making a difference. It doesn’t matter how big or how small.

“If everyone gives one thread, the poor man will have a shirt.” Russian Proverb


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