How Honoring Your Calling Helps Others

I am happy to say that I spotted my first act of kindness since we’ve started this blog! (and it’s only been a day.) As I was driving home from work I hit the usual 5:15pm traffic. A car was trying to turn right and would’ve been waiting for a while, but the car in front of me stopped and let him in. This is something we see all the time, but I got so excited. Yes, I can put this in my blog! What is even better is that we do see this every day and it is something so small that we all can do.

Oprah also got me pumped for this post. I watched some of her life class last night and I thought, wow this is so cool! The theme of last night’s episode was finding your purpose in life. Like Oprah, I truly believe that we all have a special purpose in life and if we look inside ourselves we can find it. Check out a clip here:

“Use your life to serve the world, and you will also find that it serves you.” Wow! Can I say it again? Wow!

I don’t think that we all need to be Mother Theresa’s or Princess Diana’s either. Some people are meant to be teachers, cooks, scientist and etc. My fiancé is so passionate about science, especially environmental science/conservation. You have no idea how much I recycle now because of him! The neat thing is that he loves doing it. He loves doing something that is bettering this world we live in. Coincidence? I think not. What we are meant to be– what makes us happy– makes other people happy too.


One thought on “How Honoring Your Calling Helps Others

  1. I like this because no matter what, after any person reads this, one is suddenly required to think more about the actions that they take. It’s not only a suggestion that we should “be nice”, it’s forcing us to think twice.

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